You must be really bored!

It's amazing you even ended up here - but I applaud you for your extremely thorough approach to diving into my website. Since you seem to have some time on your hands, feel free to read some of the meaningless jargon below...

Information collected

I only collect the information you share with me intentionally – via the Contact forms on the site or via some of the other sites I link to.

If you’re a vendor trying to sell me something, I promise I WON’T collect your information. I’ll probably toss it in the bin as quickly as you enter it in one of the forms. If you think you have something to share that might really be valuable, try providing something of value to me or to my partners or clients, or get a referral from someone I know and trust.

I like meeting new people and I respect the hustle and grind of the sales profession (I’m in it) but I believe in giving first, providing value, and trying to help Creators bring their awesome ideas to life.
Venture Capital

Use of information

If the information you share with me is your personal contact info and you’re an amazing Creator or work for a brand that is building awesome stuff, then I’ll reach out to you to see how I can help you be even more successful.
If you’re just pitching me something you want me to buy and you haven’t done any homework on who I am or who I work with or why I do it, I promise not to use your information.
Thought Leadership

Use of cookies

The only cookies I care about are Oatmeal Scotchies which my grandma used to make when I was a kid. I could eat myself into a coma with those things and some ice cold milk. I also like the chocolate-cinnamon chip cookies or the peanut-butter-nutella cookies from the local soda shop. If faced with a store-bought option only, I’d go for the Golden Oreos over the traditional, or Nutter Butters over Chips Ahoy. Call me crazy, but I also still love the original Mother’s brand Iced Animal cookies. I could kill a bag of those things without blinking. I hope that clears up my position on Cookies.

Business Growth